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social media.

Outsource your social and your workload automatically shrinks!

We work with clients to make social media easier, not harder, with just one monthly meeting to chat about ideas and strategy. The rest is with us!


video production.

Client testimonials, showcases, and totally original creative...

Whatever the brief, we create video content that adds value.


other services.

When you partner with Deconstruct Digital on your social media management, you also have access to a huge range of resources, including:

In-house photography, in-house videography, Meta paid advertising specialisation, insights and analytics breakdowns, monthly strategy meetings + more

about us.

In an age when it has never been easier, faster or simpler to connect with people on social media, it isn’t enough just to show up. In order for brands to stand out and be heard in the crowded social media space, they need to act, interact and react with intention.


Recognising the need for a media agency that truly understands the power of identifying a brand’s voice, values and ideal audience, Emma Marks (founder of Mum’s Lounge) built a team of experts who specialise in creating content that promotes authentic engagement and ultimately, brand loyalty.

Our mission is to design creative content that engages your ideal audience in a meaningful way and resonates well beyond their initial interaction with your brand.

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clients we've worked with.

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